March 2008

My Family20 Mar 2008 04:55 pm

One of the great things about the off season is being able to spend weekends with my family doing fun things like trying out a new playground. This one was at Green Hill Park in Worcester. At first Luke wasn’t sure about the swinging bridge, but with a little reassurance from Mom, he was on his way!


Click here for a few more from the playground:

–Jamie Wexler

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I would love to be able to host a gala open house event in the new office, with champagne, caviar, and a rock band, but it is a bit cozy for that.  So I am hosting a virtual open house for the month of March.  Anyone who meets with me in the new office and books their wedding with me by March 31 will receive a complimentary 10-page album upgrade.  That means the album you receive with your package will have 10 more pages than is standard with the package.

For example, “The Classic” package inclues a 20 page album.  Meet with me in the new office and book your wedding by March 31 and you will get 10 more pages in the album, for a total of 30 pages.  This deal applies to all packages that include 8 or more hours of coverge.

Contact me at to schedule your meeting.

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OK - so when you think office, you think desk, computers, drudgery…well I’ve set mine up a bit differently! With the new addition to our family on the way, our home is no longer big enough to house my business and my family. Plus it’s pretty far for everyone east of 495 to drive to meet me (which is most of my clients). I was fortunate to find a space in Framingham, MA, that cuts the travel from the east in half, and ensures that Melanie and Luke don’t have to be banished to the top floor when clients come to visit. I hope to meet you there soon!

Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston Wedding Photographer

Boston Wedding Photographer

A special thanks to Mike Greene of Greene & Sons for getting the place move-in worthy with new paint and carpet. Here’s a little before and after video:


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You may have noticed, but the color scheme on my blog has changed slightly. (What, it’s the same for you? Hit the refresh key!). The new color coincides with the official release of my new website. Check it out at:

The new site is the first of many exciting changes happening this week, so be sure to visit again for the updates!