July 2007

Weddings29 Jul 2007 09:58 am

Deanna and Scott planned the perfect Cape wedding. From the seersucker suits, pink ties, and white shoes to the flipflops that were given to all of the guests, to the location at the Wequassett Inn on the shore of Pleasant Bay, the affair exuded casual Cape Cod style. We started with Deanna and her bridesmaids as they had ther makeup done and dressed. Then we arranged a quiet moment on the beach for Deanna to see Scott for the first time. After that, we took all of the group portraits - before the ceremony - freeing Deanna and Scott to enjoy the rest of the day with their guests. The ceremony was truly beautiful, as Deanna walked down the hill to join Scott on the walkway overlooking the bay. The reception followed soon after, filled with laughter, dancing, and one of the most delicious meals that I have ever had…!

You can see a few more here: http://www.pbase.com/jamisonwexlerphoto/deannascott


Weddings16 Jul 2007 10:19 am

Katie and Chris were married on Saturday in the beautiful seaside town of Scituate MA. Scituate is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to photograph, because of its gorgeous seaside locales and beautiful sunsets (and the picturesque New England lighthouse doesn’t hurt either!)…and I love the smell of the MA ocean!

We started the day with Katie at the Inn at Scituate Harbor where she had her makeup done and dressed. We then moved on to the lighthouse for a few family photos, then to the Scituate Country Club for the ceremony. After the ceremony we rushed back to the lighthouse with the bride and groom for a “picture perfect” (snicker - I kill myself), sunset, then back to the country club for dinner, dancing, and fun!

One of the things I was able to do a little differently this wedding, was use one of my lights on a monopod held by an assistant. I usually work alone, but my little brother, Michael, is up for the summer, and I’ve conscripted him to help me with weddings on the weekends. Working alone, I don’t usually have the time or freedom to set up off camera lights for portraits at a wedding (I do it all the time for portrait sessions), but with an assistant it was quick and simple. Getting the flash off the camera helped me to add a new dimension to some of the photos at this wedding, that I hope to be able to carry forward to future weddings…or at least until Michael goes home to FL in August!

There are a few more images from the wedding here: http://www.pbase.com/jamisonwexlerphoto/katiechris


My Family10 Jul 2007 04:14 pm

I love being in my 30’s - it’s the decade where I feel more centered ad at peace than any other time in my life. At the same time I hate the passage of time, because as I get older, those I love do as well. On Sunday I lost my 3rd granparent in the last 4 years.

Grandma Wexler was a unique woman. She was one of those people that took over the room when she walked in the door. She was a smart, strong, no-nonsense woman, whose quick tongue was powered by her love for her family. I will miss her huge hugs and her “Grandma Wexler Kisses”…and her Mundel Bread (best in the world!)

Here’s a photo from her visit when Luke was just a month old - she took a solo train ride up the east coast, stopping to visit friends all the way up.

And one from my brother, Stephen’s, wedding in April, with a large chunk of the Wexler clan: (from the left)…Uncle Kevin, Mom, Michael (brother), Stacie (cousin) John (her FI), Lisa (SIL) Aunt Cindy, Stephen (brother), Me, Grandma, and Uncle Mark.

photo courtesy of Steven Frischling

My Family07 Jul 2007 09:45 am

We spent last weekend in Lewisburg PA. On Saturday morning Lewisburg had their annual Independence day parade. It was Luke’s first parade, and his Grandmama made sure that he was dressed patriotically - along with his cousin, Addison. He was engrossed!

First one of Luke and Addison gearing up for the parade:

Mmmmmm Cookies!

Weddings02 Jul 2007 11:48 am

This Saturday’s wedding had us traveling to Lewisburg, PA, to celebrate with Martha-Ellen and Daniel. Lewisburg is a beautiful little town straight from a Norman Rockwell painting, located on the banks of the Susquehanna River about an hour north of Harrisburg (or 6 hours southwest of North Grafton!)

It was a beautiful day for a wedding, mid 70’s and sunny, with puffy white clouds floating lazily over the river. We had a commanding view of the river at Tedd’s on the Hill, a beautiful venue on a bluff hundreds of feet above the Susquehanna. And if that wasn’t enough, Martha-Ellen and Daniel planned plenty of time for photos, allowing me have a little extra fun with some more creative images!

You can see a few more images from the wedding here: http://www.pbase.com/jamisonwexlerphoto/medaniel