It’s happened more than once…the exact same phrase. I meet a couple that are interviewing photographers for the most important (and probably most expensive) day of their lives and they try to describe my photos. Invariably one of them will come up with “Different”…(then there’s usually a short pause)…”but in a good way”.

I think this statement sums up who I am perfectly. Different…but in a good way.

My life has not been a traditional one. I grew up on a horse farm in Ocala Florida, and spent my childhood days cleaning up after the messy beasts, fishing in the small farm ponds around my home, and trying to figure out how to blow stuff up. I graduated from High School, followed by Bible college in New Zealand and three years as a Minister in FL.  About ten years ago I moved up here to MA and spent a few years traveling the country as a software trainer, spending my days putting nice, hard working folks to sleep. It was during my travels that I picked up my first digital camera…

I am a father of the two coolest sons and the husband of a beautiful woman who makes me laugh every day. They are my three favorite people in the whole world.